¡It uses your imagination and believe your own experience!

In which wants of the activities that we propose the most important factor it is your idea, your dream. the magic of the moment and the climate will be this way since in second term it can be a romantic cloudy and rainy day or with the sun in all its splendor. These Activities can apply them in special moments giving the touch to each one of them with the music, the decoration in the sailing ship, the food and any idea that you propose, allow you to take, it conquers your fears and it takes your senses to the limit...


LWhat you most want is to throw a dive while browsing the turquoise color in the middle of the bay, after pulling the anchor you can play around the sailboat or swim to an Isla Mujeres beach where you can feel the soft sand in the cakes.


In this activity we have different reefs that depending on the weather and the current you can enjoy seeing colorful fish, variety of corals and marine species. If you are a beginner you will feel safe when holding a rope or use floats to be able to observe with more confidence the bottom of the sea.


The sunset is one of the most sublime moments in which beautiful colors are appreciated in the sky, they incite you to Romance, meditation, reflection and harmony.


Whether it is the freshest Ceviche, a Tikinxic fish cooked on the coals or a Filete stuffed with seafood will be an unparalleled pleasure in Isla Mujeres since it is a traditional fishermen is place where seafood goes from the sea to the table. We have a grill on board for exclusive services such as lobster, steaks or brochettes ...

Fishing / Trolling

f you like fishing we have the rod always ready and with a little luck you will enjoy a delicious and fresh ceviche that we will prepare for you ...

Veleo Classes

Veleo Classes Feeling the rudder in your hand and steering the boat with the help of the captain will be a difficult lesson to forget.